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United Martial Arts Family Center (UMAFC) is a group of Martial Arts practitioners dedicated to delivering best value teaching based on innovative applications of our understanding of the Martial Arts. Based in sunny San Diego, we strive to be the leading Martial Arts school organization, empowering our students and their families through the principles of Martial Arts.

We stand by our slogan: "The Family The Kicks Together, Sticks Together!"

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  • September-Belt-Test-2014 - UMAFC
    Belt Test Today!
    September 27, 2014 by
    UMAFC – September 27, 2014 Belt Test Schedule Belt Tests are one of the many ways we positively encourage, reward, and promote our student’s physical and mental achievements. As a reminder, please wear a complete uniform...
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  • September News & Update!
    September News & Update!
    September 19, 2014 by
    A Quick Rundown as September Events Draw Near Hey, everyone! We apologize for the lack of updates recently. Had some back-end technical difficulties that took a lot longer to solve, but all is well now As...
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