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Teens & Adults

You’re Never Too Old To Start Taekwondo!

Martial Arts is for everyone!

Adults at any level of martial arts experience are welcome to our classes. Whether you’re looking for a new dojang (school), are curious to try a different style of martial arts, or simply desire a new workout plan, we can provide ways to meet your needs.

How You Will Benefit From Martial Arts at UMAFC:

  • Increased physical fitness, weight control, & coordination
  • Improved breathing, strength, endurance, & flexibility
  • Sharpened reflexes & heightened agility
  • Learn proper Martial Art movements, forms, kicks, blocks, strikes, weapons and flips
  • Relieved stress!
  • Heightened self-confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline & mental focus
  • Greater sense of self, perserverance in the face of life’s obstacles
  • Decreased negative attitude
  • Build social skills and make new lasting friendships

Parents of 2 or more registered students PRACTICE FREE!

Taekwondo: A Physical & Mental Conditioner

Just as machine parts need oil to keep functioning smoothly, so muscles need exercise. Taekwondo builds and maintains muscle tone with unrelenting kicking and core body exercises.

Unwanted weight disappears, flabby muscles are firmed, and youthful resilience is achieved and maintained. Its insistence on mental alertness helps keep a sound mind and body. Progressive stretching increases mental and physical flexibility, while meditation and breathing techniques develops concentration & senses.

Hapkido: A Physical & Mental Harmonizer

Hapkido is centered upon using an opponents energy and strength against him or her, further exploiting weaknesses through joint locking and striking.

Redirection of force, as opposed to resistance of force, extends to the intangible aspects of life as well; finding a sense of harmony when faced with the daily stresses of life, rather than aggression.

As physical and mental self-defense, the result is a strong, but gentle individual.

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Let’kick & punch. It’s a New Year to kick out those un wanting weight and create a new body. Toning or just getting fit. We got a spot for you. Remember
The Family that kicks together sticks together!!!
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Merry merry Christmas to everyone!!πŸŽ„πŸŽπŸŽ‰
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